How to Wear a Bowtie with a Wing Tip Collar?


It can be confusing when wearing a bow-tie with wing tip collar points. The correct way to wear this combination is to place the bow-tie below the wing tips. Many tuck them behind but this is incorrect.
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Wing tip collars are not a popular choice anymore because the bow tie never seems to fit right. You should stick with a more traditional tuxedo shirt.
To wear a bowtie with a wing tip collar, you want to pick the correct shirt, color and all. Make sure it fits you correctly. Then, put your bowtie on. You could wear cuff links, studs, and make sure the shirt is pressed.
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1. Wear a wing collar shirt with a bow tie. Tuck the collar behind the bow tie or position the collar in a way such that it faces out over the bow tie. 2. Pair a wing collar shirt
As others have said, wing collars are usually reserved for more formal occasions. However, they could also be worn without a tie in semi formal situations. --That Cheeky Lad
Click on the link, on the left hand side, select 'MEN' and choose collar tips, there's lots there. And no they're just triangles you put at the collar of your shirts to make them
1. You should expect to answer questions about yourself. What you like to do, what kind of grades you get, you transportation to and from work, they just want to get to know you.
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A wing collar shirt is typically worn with a tuxedo for black-tie occasions. It can be worn in two distinct ways with the tips of the collar (wings) behind the ...
The winged collar is a short, heavily starched collar with pointed tips that stand up and point out horizontally. Because of their position, they resemble small ...
To wear a wing collar you simply tuck the points, or wings, just behind your bow tie. Other variations exist, but the traditional method for this piece of men's ...
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