How to Wear Graduation Honor Cords?


How to wear graduation honor cords will vary depending on your school. Some schools want you to wear the cords hanging down the back of your gown while other schools prefer them hanging down the front. In general it seems high schools want chords in the front while colleges and universities want them in the back.
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1. Put on your graduation gown to specification. 2. Take the graduation cords out of their packaging and drape them over your neck and across your shoulders. If your gown has a collar
You simple put them around your neck. Keep on doing the CHA CHA!
You wear all cords you have earned.
I would guess it would vary from school to school, but general if you stay near the top of your graduating class, maintain a good grade point average, and probably take honors or
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How to Wear Honor Cords & Stoles
Honor cords are traditionally provided to individuals graduating from college who have achieved a high grade point average. Earning a GPA of 3.5 or above usually makes the individual eligible for honors, but this may vary depending on the policies of the... More »
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