How to Wear a JROTC Uniform.?


1. Place your board rank on your shoulder tabs on the left side. Your name tag should be aligned with the top button of the uniform and centered on the right-side seam. Ribbons should also be centered with the top button and centered on the left-side
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because it is a form of respect.
Make sure the uniform fits. All parts of the uniform should fit comfortably, yet properly.
1. Put your gloves on. 2. Use your Brasso. and place a little dab of it your first piece of brass. Rub the Brasso into the brass. with your index finger with a medium pressure in
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The guidelines for how to wear a JROTC uniform will vary based on the branch affiliation of the program, and whether the wearer is male or female. To get the most ...
Learning how to properly wear a JROTC uniform will ensure that you look your best. You will need an army green JROTC coat, army green slacks and several other ...
You will wear your class A JROTC uniform the same way you would wear your Class B uniform. You will just add a jacket and your JROTC cap. Make sure that your cap ...
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