How to Weave Gimp?


Plastic lace is also known as boondoggle or gimp. Crafters can weave gimp into animals to key chains. Whatever you are making with gimp an important rule is to make sure your keep it flat and tight.
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1. Cut two pieces of plastic lace at least 2 feet in length each. To avoid confusion when weaving, use different colors. 2. Fold the lace in half to find the midway point of each
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1. Fold each 2-yard strand of gimp in half. On one end you have the loops, and on the other end, the loose strands. Hold the loop ends so that they form an X. 2. Make a box stitch
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Reviews say GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is an excellent free alternative to Adobe Photoshop CS6, with editing tools... Read More »
Versatile editing tools
, Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
, Free
Steep learning curve
, Can be sluggish
, Doesn't accept Photoshop plug-ins
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