How do you whiten false teeth?


Most people want a bright, white smile. There are many products available for whitening teeth, but not as many for false teeth. Dentures can not be made any whiter than they were when you first got them. It is important to keep them clean daily, using only products designed for false teeth. Baking soda or dish soap can help, but never use harsh chemicals like bleach that can damage the surface. When they are soaking at night, using a vinegar and water mix can also help brighten the teeth.
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1. Start by whitening your teeth before you get your false teeth. When you get false teeth, your dentist will match the color of the false teeth to the teeth in your mouth. By getting
Lemon juice has been proven very effective in whitening the teeth naturally. You can either use the juice of a fresh lemon or rub the lemon peel across your teeth. You should avoid
Rinse mouth thoroughly, then brush with toothpaste that you use. (Avoid using toothpastes that have SLS in the ingredients as they are turning out to be harmful.) You're going to
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How to Whiten False Teeth
Tooth whitening toothpastes, gels and other products can help give you a bright and beautiful smile. Unfortunately, these products cannot be used on false teeth, as they can ruin the false teeth and even damage your gums. There are several other methods... More »
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It's fairly easy to whiten false teeth. Baking soda is an inexpensive and non-toxic way to get your dentures clean and bright once more. You can find more info at:
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