How do you whiten yellowed linoleum?


You can whiten your white linoleum with different techniques and ideas. You can try using some types of vinegar solution with a little bleach. You can also try using CLR it fix almost all problems as far as getting up stains.
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1. Sweep the dirt on the floor with a broom into the dustpan. Throw out the dirt. 2. Fill a bucket halfway with warm water. Pour in a cup of baking soda. Use the mop to mix the baking
1 Go to your local pharmacy or drugstore and buy a tiny bottle of Gentian Violet (preferably 2%). It is a dark purple liquid. Ask someone who works there if you can't find it yourself
acetone and bleach.
My Laundry Question. ALL WHITE Jacket - turned yellow. Lining - 100% WHITE NYLON - is now dark shades of yellow. Outside Shell (poly+cotton) is now yellow. What DETERGENT will make
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How to Whiten Yellowed Linoleum
Yellow stains develop on linoleum when the oils in the material break down. According to, the oils break down when linoleum is blocked from sun exposure, so sometimes sun exposure can lighten or remove the stains. Baking soda... More »
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