How to Whiten Your Eyes?


There are a number of things that you can do to whiten your eyes. One of the ways is through natural means which involves cutting back on refined carbohydrates and eating more whole grains. Steaming and boiling your food as opposed to frying and barbecuing. Cutting back on coffee and ensuring that every meal has at least 50 percent raw vegetables and fruits.
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1. Woman using eye drops. Point your chin toward the air and tilt your head back while using your finger to pull down the bottom part of one eyelid. 2. Keeping your eye open, position
Some ways you can whiten your eyes are by getting enough sleep and using eye drops. There is even special eye drops that some brides to be use before their wedding photography, that
Alexa Dixon swears by drinking blended brussell sprouts to whiten her eyes!
As an optician, I've worked with optometrists. I also have a slight yellowing of the whites of my eyes, but not caused from Gilbert Syndrome. I asked if there was any way or anything
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You can use eye drops such as Visine to whiten the sclera of the eye. These drops will lessen the redness of the eye and reduce the size of the vessels to make ...
1. Do a cleansing detox to help rid the bloodstream and liver of toxins; toxins are often reflected in the eyes. The liver is what helps to cleanse and purify ...
To whiten the sclera of the eye you can use artificial tears. Alternatively, you can use vasoconstrictor drops available over-the-counter at pharmacies. The drops ...
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