How do you whitewash pine?


Pine wood is used in making a number of surfaces at home. To whitewash furniture made from pine, one has to sand its surface first. Mix two parts of white paint with one part of a glazer and water then stir to make a paint mixture. Using a brush, apply the paint to the furniture as a fine coat and finish by applying polyurethane.
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1. Empty the armoire of all clothing and other objects and move it to an outdoor area or a well ventilated indoor area, such as a garage. Spread a tarp under the armoire to protect
As to ruining the value , I would say yes. Buy a quality flat paint and add water.
1 Determine what type of wood your cabinets are made of. Whitewashing is best suited to a soft wood like pine. [2] A wood like oak will require pickling, a technique of whitening
1. Mix detergent into a bucket of hot water and clean the pine siding with the soapy water and a stiff scrub brush. The type of detergent used is not that important because you will
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How to Whitewash Pine
You may encounter pine wood in a variety of places in your home, from paneled walls to flooring to furniture. Although it is not as strong as other types of wood, pine tends to be inexpensive and holds a finish well, according to the Utah State... More »
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