How can you win an eating contest?


To win an eating contest could be fun. Do not eat anything before going to the contest. Drink water while eating in the contest. Practicing before the contest could be fun.
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1. Get ready for perfection. Like all other contests, you must get prepared by training yourself before eating plenty of food. Most trainers prefer drinking gallons of water and eating
1 Be in good physical and mental shape . It is important to ensure that you're healthy and fit before trying an eating contest. Consult your physician before the contest and get their
Expand your stomach by drinking lots of liquids and eating complex carbs and high-fibre foods. If the food has a liquid and solid component (soup and bread for instance) dip the bread
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How to win an eating contest
'Competitive eating' is almost like a sport for some as it takes focus and determination to become one of the faster eaters alive. Read these steps and learn what it takes to win a eating contest.... More »
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