How do you win a game of chess in three moves?


To win chess in three moves, your opponent should not be able block the moves. First, move the pawn to King-4, then move the kingside bishop to queenside Bishop's-4, the queen to Kingside Bishop's-3, and finally, the queen captures the opponent's kingside bishop's pawn-7. The king cannot move resulting in checkmate.
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1. e4 f6 2. d4 g5 3. Qh5#
To win the chess game the observed the movement of the play mate. Your main goal is to defend your king by covering with the knights. You need to do sacrifices fo your knights if
Study opening techniques. The best way to learn about chess is to break it down into three parts: the beginning, the middle, and the end. In the beginning, you are trying to set the
1. In the Beginning of the game, "Rapid and efficient development of pieces with a view to controlling the center. " Do not move the same piece twice in the opening. Avoid
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To win chess in three moves, try to play as white or move your pawn from E-2 to its required first-move position, two squares forward. You can also pick up your ...
To win Chess in three moves, try playing as white since white starts first. Move the pawn on E-2 to E-4. If the opponent plays pawn F-7 to F-5, proceed with checkmate ...
Winning a game of chess in less than 10 moves would depend on the choices of your opponent but there is a possible 3-move strategy you can use. Firstly, move your ...
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