How to Winterize a Car?


There are a few steps you need to take to winterize a car. Get an oil change. Changing the oil is important to keep your engine properly lubricated. Check your wiper blades to make sure they are in good condition. Make sure your battery has good connections. While you are under that hood take a quick look at the hoses and belts and double check they are not getting ready to blow out or break. You also need to check the antifreeze in your radiator. Check your tires and make sure they have good tread and while you are at it, get out the snow tires if need be. The last thing to do to winterize a car is to make sure you have your emergency kit not just in your car but properly equipped for the winter. Toss a blanket in the trunk or back seat of your car just in case!
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How to Winterize a Car
Winter can be hard on your vehicle. Unless you live in a very mild and temperate climate, it is important to prepare your car for the long months of snow and ice. A few simple changes will have your car prepared for the cold months ahead.... More »
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1. Get your car serviced in the weeks before winter is about to start. You want your car to be in good working condition and your brakes to be working as best as possible when the
1 Get your car serviced regularly. Preventive maintenance is key. Make sure your battery, cooling system, and windshield wipers are in tip-top shape. You'll spend less money servicing
I'm from Michigan, and I've owned and driven multiple vehicles throughout a lot of winters. The conclusion I've come to is that the vehicle itself matters very little in comparisson
Winter tires are best used on a car during the winter season. The tires have been designed specifically for snowy and icy seasons. The reduce chances of skidding or sliding by increasing
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To winterize your car you will need an oil treatment. Add antifreeze to the radiator. Make sure that your tires are in great shape. Make sure that the heater works ...
Winterization of a car refers to the process of preparing it for an upcoming winter season. Starting your car in winter is not different from the other time but ...
To winterize your car you will want to check the heater to make sure it is working, replace worn windshield wiper blades, and flush and replace the anti-freeze ...
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