How to Winterize a Sea-Doo GTX Limited.?


Part of winterization for any vessel is removing any water from the motor. In the case of the Sea Doo GTX, the water drains through a drain hose that's normally closed off. The hose must be free of anything that may clog it. Another place where water
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The VTS is your trim, it adjusts the nozzle up and down for riding.
997 gtx Sea Doo.Power 90hp,Carburetion Single Mikuni BN 40-38,Cooling,
im a tech for a yamaha dealership and we probably do the same things as bombardier . we spray fogging oil in the intake to coat all the internal parts with the engine running , then
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To winterize a Sea Doo GTX you need to clean it thoroughly to remove the dirt that has accumulated over the summer. You then need to make sure that it is completely ...
To winterize a SeaDoo GTX rfi, you will need to turn off the ignitions switch, check the engine drain for clogs, flush the system completely with tap water, clean ...
The 1997 Seadoo GTX is a watercraft that you can use both in the ocean and the lake. It is the most luxurious watercraft. Before putting it into the water, the ...
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