How To Wire 277 Volt Lights?


A 277-volt lighting system is used in large industrial buildings, rather than in residential buildings. You wire this kind of lighting to a single branch for more efficiency and the result will be brighter than if you used multiple branches. However, grounding is not necessary when wiring this type of system. Any 277-volt lighting must live up to the standards set forth by the National Fire Protection Association, as well as the National Electrical Code.
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A voltage of 277 is the line to neutral voltage of a 480 volt wye three phase system. L1- N, L2 - N and L3 - N will give you 277 volts. L1 to L2. L2 to L3 and L3 to L1 will give you
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Is it just an incandescent lamp? If so, there's no need to do anything, just connect it. Across the legs, grounding the fixture, and you'll be good, most likely. It won't be QUITE
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To wire 277 volt lights you will need to install the 277 volt power wires to the transformer. Insert the hot power wire inline with the black transformer wire. This goes into the 277 volt terminal block. Be sure to tighten the screw firmly. Insert the neural power wire. You can find more information at
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