How to Wire a 12 Volt Toggle Switch?


If you've got the task of wiring a 12 volt toggle switch, don't panic. Following simple instructions can have it installed in no time. You'll need the toggle switch, wire, wire strippers, and some electrical tape. Wire a 12 volt toggle switch
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1. Determine the type of terminal your switch uses. The two types of terminal are blade or screw. If you are replacing an old switch, buy the new switch with the same type of terminal
A toggle switch is a single contact open/close circuit switch. Normally the wire from the power source is connected to the primary of hot side of the switch and the ground is connected
You need a double pole double throw switch .This has 3 contacts per pole making 6 in all. You need a lamp and battery or continuity tester to sort out what contacts do what. The lever
Originally Posted by timothyr night would be correct, hence typical door switches ect run straight to ground. Ford tried doing this a while back using + in their high beam switch.
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How to Wire a 12-Volt Toggle Switch
Wiring a toggle switch for a 12 volt circuit is a task that even a beginning home handyman can do in a very few steps. These switches are very common in a home or vehicle.... More »
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In order for you to wire a 12-volt toggle switch, you will need to start out by drilling a hole in the spot that you plan to install it.
To wire a 12 vole toggle switch locate a hole close to the desired location or drill one being careful not to drill through any existing wires. Take the wire to be connected through the back of the hole with the connectors attached. On many connectors the positive side will be bigger. Attach the positive to the appropriate prong with the provided nut and screw. Do the same with the negative. Attach the wires to the battery or fuse block and test the circuit to make sure that the fuse is the right amp for the application. Use the middle outlet on the toggle switch to connect to the accessory. Connect the ground wire to the negative side of the battery and ensure with a volt meter that when the switch is off that there is a zero reading.
You can wire a 12 fold toggle switch by connecting the positive wire to the positive post, on the toggle switch. Connect a ground wire on the ground post to something metal.
You can wire your 12 volt toggle switch, by connecting the hot wire, usually red, to the positive post. Connect the ground wire, usually black, to the negative post.
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