How do you wire a two-way dimmer switch?


To wire a 2 way dimmer switch, unscrew the wires then connect them to the new dimmer switch. Gently fold the wires into the box and replace the switch by making sure it's turned the proper way. Connect the new switch to the box with screws and replace its plate cover. Finally, turn the power back on and test your new dimmer switch.
Q&A Related to "How do you wire a two-way dimmer switch?"
1. Make sure the correct breaker has been turned off before replacing the switch. Turn off the power to the light switch by flipping the circuit breaker to the "Off" position
Just connect the wires, polarity is not an issue.
In a three way switch, flow of current is controller by 3 switches. This type of wiring is useful in staircase. Condition of light depends on 3 switches. Look here for more information
The two black wires go to the other 3-way switch. The red wire goes either to the load or to the power, and the red from the other 3-way switch goes to whatever's left.
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