How do you wire a two-gang switch?


To wire a three gang switch, take the live feed from the light to the Com (common). Then take the switch feed from the light to the L1. Remember that you need to repeat this for all three lights.
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1. Cut one 6-inch length of AWG 12 black wire for each switch to be ganged. You will use these short pieces of wire to make up pigtail splices. The National Electrical Code (NEC)
Learning how to wire a light switch is a skill that can come in very handy around the house. Following these instructions will help you to wire a two-way (on/off) switch for a light
1 Switch off the circuit. Ensure that the circuit for the room you are working in has been flipped off. This will prevent accidental electrocution and reduce the risk of fire. Most
If one circuit contains all three switches and their loads are on the same circuit then only one "hot" and one neutral is needed.
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