How do I wire a three pin plug?


Three pin plugs provide a safer alternative to two pin plugs. Wire strippers and a flat head screwdrivers are needed to install them, and the main power needs to be turned off at the circuit breaker before proceeding.

  1. Prepare the plug

    Remove the cover of the plug and loosen the clamp holding the wiring in place. Loosen the screws from the brass terminals. If the plug is a one-piece unit, cut the wires so a new plug can be installed.

  2. Prepare the wires

    Measure the wires against the plug, and strip the outer layer using a sharp knife. Be careful not to cut through the insulated wire strands. If trimming any colored wire cores, leave enough length so that there is slack in the wires and they reach the terminals without straining. Strip about half an inch from the colored insulation of each wire core.

  3. Fix the wires to the plug

    Attach the wires, twisting each strand so that there are no loose pieces. The brown wire is to the live (L) terminal, the blue wire is to the neutral (N) terminal, and the green/yellow is to the earth (E) terminal. Pass the outer wire to the clamp and tighten it in place. Replace the cover and check that there is no loose or exposed wiring.

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How to Wire a 3-Pin Plug
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