How to wire a a light so you can turn it on with two different switches?


To toggle a light with two different switches, you need to use Dual Sided switches. They need to be in alternate position to make an appliance on. However they increase wire count.
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1. Begin the wiring at the electrical box connected to the main circuit. This box will have three wires coming out of it, a white wire, a black wire and a green wire. Strip 1 inch
To help you out, it is called a three way light switch. See Related Links below.
Each sensor must have a black, red and white. The red is what connects the sensor to the light so that it does it's job. You just need to insert a switch in between the incoming power
You will have one black, white and ground coming from each row of lights. So first off wire nut all your white wires together in the box and all your ground wires together in the
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To wire a three gang switch, take the live feed from the light to the Com (common). Then take the switch feed from the light to the L1. Remember that you need ...
To wire a double light switch, connect each switch to a separate circuit, run two 'two-wire' cables to the box and hook the hot wire of one circuit to one of the ...
Two switches controlling one light is a circuit usually used for residential or commercial electrical work. To wire it, first run the power-leg wire from the breaker ...
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