How to Wire a Car CD Player?


How you wire a car CD player depends on the type of car and the type of CD player. Most of them you just unplug plug and switch it for the new one but there are ones where the plugs don't match. Follow the manufacturers instructions for exact installation.
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1. Insert two AA batteries into your portable CD player and turn it on. 2. Insert a CD into your portable CD player. 3. Insert the cassette end of your tape adapter into your car
A lot of the expense of adding a CD player to your car is from the installation. You can get around the expense by simply buying the unit and taking care of the installation yourself
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1 Remove the head unit, and notice the multicolored wires attached to the current radio/stereo. Ad
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To fit a CD player in a car, insert the CD player in the car CD player position, connect the wiring to the back of the CD player, connect the antenna cable to ...
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