How to Wire a Consumer Unit?


Consumer units should be placed as close to the electricity meter as possible. Make sure the wires are insulated to prevent electric shock while wiring; one entry hole is for the wiring, and the other for the meter 'tails'. It is recommended that you get an expert to do it for you because of the complex connections that need to be done.
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1. Purchase either of the three consumer unit boards: the miniature circuit breakers (MCB's) the single load consumer unit (RCD) or the RCBO consumer unit from an electrical hardware
I would recomend calling an electrician
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To wire a consumer unit, first ensure that there is a cross-sectional area of 20 millimetres for the live and neutral meter tails. A main earth terminal is then installed next to the unit where all the equipotential bonding conductors are connected to the main earthing conductor from the supply. Since the process is quite lengthy, it would be better if you visited diydoctor on the web or consulted your local electrician.
A consumer unit refers to a box of circuit breakers and fuses which are arranged in a single row. First, switch off electrical supply and then mount the consumer unit on a board and then place it at a comfortable height. Connect the ground wire and then route the neutral wire through the panel to connect it. However, it is advisable to seek the help of an electrician in fixing a consumer box.
Isolator in the Consumer unit. A cross-sectional area of 20 square millimetres is required for the Live and Neutral Meter tails. A Main earth terminal hast to be fixed next to the Consumer Unit. On the other hand, the minimum cross-sectional area of the Main Equipotential bonding conductor has to be half that of the Main Earthing conductor. The Consumer unit is usually installed 450 mm to 1200 mm high for accessibility.
Installing a consumer unit could be illegal and even dangerous if you do not understand the technicalities involved. Thus you may require the services of a qualified electrician. If you are qualified to Part P regulation standards, please refer to this website: for detailed instructions on the installation.
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