How to Wire a Fuel Gauge?


A fuel gauge works off of a 12 volt power and the float on the fuel tank that puts resistance on the ground to the gauge. To wire you will run a 12 volt power supply from the fuse box to the positive wire on the gauge. And you will need to run a wire from the float in the tank to the negative lead on the gauge.
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1. Connect the red power lead to the boat's common power buss. The common power buss is usually found in the control console or underneath the dashboard. 2. Connect the black (or
A fuel gauge works by a float being inside of the tank with wires connected to it, those wires run into the dash to the gauge. Depending were the fuel is in the tank and the float
buy an aftermarket harness at LMC truck and connect it to the outside of the fuel sending unit and into the dash fuel gauge. make sure your fuel pump has good ground. 16.95us last
More than likely the sending unit in the fuel tank is bad. The fuel tank has to be removed to gain acces to it.
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To wire a fuel gauge, you should only have a single wire coming from the fuel tank. Use this wire to the input of the fuel gauge. The gauge itself should have a ground and a power wire to allow it to function.
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The first thing you should do when troubleshooting fuel gauge problems is to ensure that all of the wires and connections are clean, free of corrosion, and secure ...
The fuel gauge may not work because of a defective dash voltage limiter/regulator or gauge, loss of a ground at the sending unit or because of a break in the wire ...
If your fuel gauge is stuck on full, you need to be very careful. You will want to keep a track of your mileage so you don't run out of gas. You should take your ...
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