How to Wire a Telephone Connection Box?


To wire a telephone connection box, first disconnect the phone service then locate where you want to put the box. Drill a hole into the floor for wiring if the connection box is a wall mount. Use a wire coat hanger if it is an in-the-wall installation, to run one end of the wire from the crawlspace of the house up into the box. Wire the box by matching the colours on the box with the ones of the wire then screw the box in place. Connect the other end of the telephone wire to the connection box matching the colours of the stripped wires and staple the wire them. Reconnect the main box.
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1. Choose a suitable location for the jack and use a 3/8-inch drill bit to drill a hole for the incoming cable in the floor or in the wall behind the jack location. Drill into the
I'll take that as "How are telephone wires connected? but it's still unclear what you want to know. Telephone wires are connected just as any other wires are connected. By screw
open the outside connection box look at what wires they have hooked where-do same inside.
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