How to Wire a Three Prong Plug?


You are going to wire a three prong plug outlet the same way you would a two plug outlet. But using a wire with more wires on the inside, attach the wire to the oulet and tighten them down.
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Assuming you mean the plug that goes into the receptacle . . . Its easy. Look at the plug. Attach the green wire to the cround (upside down U shaped). Attach the BLACK wire to the
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Wiring diagrams and how to videos for installing a three prong plug can be found on the Internet, but if you're unsure on your capability to install them, it's ...
A three prong plug has three terminals. It has live, neutral and earth. Typically, earth is green, live is black and neutral is white. The brass screw is for the ...
To install a three-prong plug, remove the old plug using a screw driver. Disassemble the new plug. Cut half an inch of insulation from the new plug and connect ...
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