How to Wire a Photocell?


To wire a photocell you will be required to; put the electricity off from your main breaker box, take off the ends of the wire on the light post and join the wires to the light, create a small trench and lay down a conduit pipe in the ravine from where your light is to the place where your wiring will enter your home, make sure the wires run to the side of your house through the conduit pipe, join a service box next to your house and run the wiring through it, run the wires through the sideboard of your house and into the basement of the house, take off the faceplate from the outlet that is nearest you and pull the wires upwards through the wall to the outlet, remove the ends of the wires and join them to the outlet by putting those with the same colours together and finally, put your electricity back on at the breaker box and now test your lighting.
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1. Cut two 1-foot black wires and one 1-foot red wire. Strip 1/2 inch of insulation off of each end of all three wires. Connect one end of the black wire to the negative terminal
A flood light with a photo cell should just work like any regular light. The photocell just turns it off and onn. No ballast required. By the way, this is in the wrong section.
Best Answer - Chosen by Voters. Actually "photocell" can refer to lots of different things and you are talking about two of them! Let's agree that photocell means "
Learning how to wire a hot tub can save you money when it comes time to install a hot tub in your backyard. Although the electrical connections themselves aren't complicated, if you
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How to Wire a Photocell
A yard lamppost with a photo cell light activator can be an energy-efficient addition to any home. Essentially, photocells "charge" by utilizing light. Your yard lamp enables your lights to receive their charge from natural sunlight, which they store and... More »
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