How to Wish Someone Good Luck?


To wish someone good luck, you just have to use words, such as Ògood luckÓ Òbest of luckÓ etc. At the wedding, people throw pieces of papers and rice to wish good luck.
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In the world of the arts, like movies and music, you tell them to break a leg. That way you don't "jinx" the luck. On the highway, a simple "thumbs up" works fine
I want you to 'break a leg!
Specific foods served on New Year's Day are said to bring luck for the rest of the year. Southern states in America bring in the New Year with black-eyed peas. Those in Holland eat
1. Determine if the retiree would enjoy a large party or prefer a small quiet gathering. Perhaps he or she would simply like to slip out the back door with little fanfare. In that
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People like to send text message forwards to their friends. A cute text message forward would be wishing someone good luck, or sending someone a quote. A lot of ...
Making your own candy grams is a nice way to let others know that you are thinking about them. You can let someone know you love them or wish someone good luck ...
Other common ways of saying good luck are best of luck, I wish you all the best, I hope the gods are looking down on you, I wish you well, break a leg, Knock them ...
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