How to Word Thank You Notes for Attending My Wedding?


It is considered proper to write thank you notes for many events including weddings. The note should be personalized, that is to a specific person by name. The body of the note may start with 'Thank you for attending our wedding,' followed by a mention of the gift received from this person. A short positive comment about the gift would also be appropriate as well as words of appreciation.
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How to Word Thank You Notes for Attending My Wedding
When the excitement of the big day has passed, set aside some time to write your wedding thank-you cards. It isn't just a question of etiquette, these handwritten notes convey your appreciation to your guest in a way that verbal thanks can't. Write a few... More »
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1. Start the thank-you with a personalized informal greeting, such as "Dear Grandma Anne" or "Dear Justin and Elise. These are your friends and family, so there's no
Wedding thank you notes are easy to write just make them personal. Make sure to mention the item that was given to you in the note and if you particularly liked the item tell the
1 Be organized as to who gave you what gift, so there won't be any mix-ups. If you're opening presents after an event, jot down the name and gift given by each person. Ad 2 Make sure
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After your wedding, immediately after is ideal, it is important to send notes to thank those who attended the wedding. Thank you for attending our wedding notes ...
A thank you note should be worded to directly address the person by name and the event they attended. If a gift was received, note the specific gift and how grateful ...
1. Count your guests. This will help determine whether you will be able to write personal thank you notes, or whether you'll save those for thanking wedding guests ...
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