How to Work a iPod Shuffle?


It's easy to operate your iPod Shuffle. First, sync music with your computer by connecting to your computer and opening iTunes. Select the Music tab and the Sync Music option, and select the iPod in the menu on the left. Once your music is loaded, you can just use your controller headphones to play and move around your music collection. For more information look here:;
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Ipod shuffles do not use the same charger as all the rest of Apple's ipods. You must own or purchase a special ipod shuffle charger which looks like a small cradle with almost what
1. Find your computer's USB port. Most modern desktops have USB ports on the front of the computer's tower, but you may want to check your owner's manual if you are unsure. 2. Put
Answer Tony Fadell in 2001
1 Download or update iTunes from Apple . 2 Make a Playlist of your favorite songs . 3 Drag and drop the playlist to the shuffle icon . 4 Wait
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You hook it up to your computer and let it sync with your library. You can then unhook it and the ipod will shuffle the songs automatically. ...
1. Switch your iPod shuffle on with the power switch on the top left. You'll see a little green light (if you don't, your shuffle may need to be charged) 2. Press ...
Flip the switch to on. You will press play/pause to do whichever action you want it to do. To switch songs press the button with the arrows pointing to the right ...
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