How to Work Out Hourly Rate from Annual Salary?


To work out hourly rate from annual salary, you first need to calculate the annual salary from your payslips. Then divide the annual salary by 52, which will give you the rate of pay per week. Thereafter, find the number of hours you worked per week. Then, divide the weekly pay with the number of hours to obtain the hourly rate.
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1. Record the number of hours you work each day of the month. If you work based on a 52-week year at 40 hours per week, you work 173.33 hours per month, so you can use this number
Is your salary really £171,000? Hourly rate on this, assuming statutory annual leave and 40 hour week is £89 per hour. If its £17,132, then the rate is £8.92
Is the salary pro rata? In my place, our working week lasts 35 hours (some businesses have different working weeks) If I was starting a full time job on 15k a year, I would be working
Pro rata is normally worked out on a 38 hour week I think so divide it by 52 weeks, then 38 hours and you should have your figure. Might be worth checking that they are using 38 hours
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