How do you work out the area of a trapezium?


To work out the area of trapezium, you have to find the length of the two opposite sides and the length of its base. Then by using the formula 0.5 * (side1+ side 2) * base length, you will get the area of the trapezium.
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The area of a trapezium can actually be seen as the sum of the areas of two triangles (draw a line connecting diagonal vertices to see this) where the base of each triangle is one
A = (a + b)h/2 where a and b are the parallel sides and h is the perpendicular distance between them. eg ....a = 6, b = 8, h = 4 A = (6 + 8)x 4/2 A = 14 x 4/2 A = 28 Here's a diagram
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A = half(a+b)h. where h equals height and a and b are the parallel sides.
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The formula for finding the area of a trapezoid (BrEng: trapezium) A = 1/2 x B1 x B2 x H.
B1 is the length of the top of the trapezoid, B2 is the length of the base of the trapezoid and H is the height.
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