How to Work Out the Perimeter of Shapes?


To work out the perimeter of shapes, you will have to get the total distance around the shape and this can be done by adding the lengths of the straight lines. The perimeter of a shape is the distance around its boundary or edges.
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1. Measure the length of each side of a shape. For example, a parallelogram may have sides of 3 inches, 3 inches, 5 inches and 5 inches. 2. Add the sides together. In the example,
measure the sides then ad them together.
1 Just find www .sketch n and follow the instructions after watching the explanatory video.
The perimeter of a shape is the border or outer boundary of a two-dimensional
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A perimeter is the outside, or the distance around the outside of an object or a shape, and is found by adding up the lengths of all the sides of a shape. ...
Perimeter is a mathematical measurement of all of the sides of an object, added together. To find the perimeter, every side of a shape or object must be added ...
Perimeter refers to the path that surrounds a given area. It is the distance around a 2- dimensional shape and is calculated by adding up all the lengths of the ...
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