Working with Fiberglass?


Measure the area of the project you plan to work on. Prepare your tools, among the most significant things you will need are a fibreglass cloth or mat, polyester or epoxy resin, gel coat, a solvent for cleanup, gloves, a mask and paint. Cut the fibreglass cloth or mat into the shape of the area you will be working on. Mix the amount of resin you need. Sand the surface when dry. Fill up any holes and clean up when done.
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Fiberglass is a type of material that is made out of spun glass. Because of the nature of glass, fiberglass is an excellent insulator and also can be manufactured into solid parts.
Fiberglass materials, including insulation and glass-reinforced plastic, contain tiny, threadlike glass fibers. The process requires heating glass and drawing it out into small filaments
1. Purchase a "fiberglass kit" It will contain the poly (polyester) resin. the hardener (catalyst) and cloth. You can buy kits from home centers, department stores, or auto
1. Study the design of roll pans made for your truck or SUV before drawing out your own design. Notice the dimensions and areas where the fiberglass roll pan will connect onto your
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1. Cut the fiberglass sheet into sections large enough to cover the hole you are going to patch. Use a pair of scissors to cut the fiberglass sheets. Place a patch ...
Working with fiberglass can be a difficult task to accomplish properly. The first step in working with fiberglass is to measure the area that you plan to work ...
1. Choose a ventilated work area to avoid hazardous fumes from the resin mixture. Working with fiberglass indoors may cause skin irritation. 2. Make your mold. ...
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