How to Write a 60 Day Notice?


A 60 day notice is used in notification of events that require ample time to prepare for with parties. It is commonly used when someone is vacating a rented residence and is addressed to the landlord. This allows the landlord to make the necessary arrangements in order to accommodate the event.
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1. Write a letter to your landlord that lists your current address, the address of the management company or property owners, the current date, the address of the property, the unit
"I live in and {APARTMENT} here in {MANCHESTER, KY} and all of the notice that I have to give my landlady is a 30 day notice.
Apartment complex name. Address. date. Apartment manager name, This is to inform you that I will be vacating apartment number. as of January 31, 2010. Per my lease, consider this
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When writing a 30 day notice to vacate, all of the pertinent information should be included. You should state your name as the person who is requesting the vacancy ...
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A 30-day notice to vacate should include the landlord's name, address, the date the letter is written and the tenant's intention to vacate. Letters that inform ...
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