How do you write a 60-day notice?


Many landlords require a written 60-day notice before tenants vacate the rental property. While 30-day notices are accepted by some, most landlords require a full two months' notice in order to find new tenants and properly fill the upcoming vacancy. While typed notices are best, there's no right or wrong way to write a notice. However, certain information should be included.

Notices to vacate should be written with the following information included: date of notice, address of the rental property to be vacated, statement of intent to vacate, forwarding address, other contact information including phone number and email address, printed names and signatures of all adults on the lease, and a request for release of security deposit. If there are any disputes or matters that need to be addressed upon vacating the property, these should be mentioned in the letter as well. Such issues may include upgrades made to the property by the tenant.

If the property is managed by a management company, the tenant may need to notify both the landlord and the management company by sending out two letters. It's also a good idea to obtain some sort of proof that the letters were received such as signatures from certified mail or signature of receipt if the letters are hand delivered.

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