How to Write a Bestseller?


If you want to write a bestseller you will need to have a topic that everyone is interested in. This could be a fictional book or it could be a hot political topic.
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1. Write from passion and don't edit before you're done. Every truly inspired novel comes from a place of great passion. Even a regular person with no money, no connections and no
1. Pick any topic and write. 2. Go over the book thoroughly. 3. Have it reviewed by. no. close friends to avoid subjective review or flattery. For example, you may join a writer's
Occasional reference to body movement and scene interaction is important so
You don't start out trying to write one. All you can do is to write the best book you can - if the public falls in love with that book, great! If not, at lease you've created your
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1. TIP#1. Proove your claim, rather than simply stating it. Eg: 'John found himself clenching his fist', instead of 'John got angry'. 2. TIP#2. Keep dialogues ...
There do not appear to be records for this, but O'Reilly has 17 books currently available on More information about O'Reilly, his writing and other ...
Jo Jung-Rae is a Korean author of bestselling epic novels. He began his literary career writing short stories and novellas based on objective assessment of subjective ...
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