How to Write a Biography Report?


The first step in writing a biography report is deciding on who you will write about. Next you will need to gather information about that person. You should give a brief description about when and where they were born. Then you should get to important facts like their accomplishments and when they achieved. You can find more information here:,28372,634428,00.html
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1. Read the guidelines your teacher has given you for the assignment. Some teachers will specify that the person has to be from a particular time period or cannot fall into a certain
Every child needs to know how to write a biography at some point during the school years. Biographies are a personal account of someone's life, condensed down to a few pages. It can
1. List why you are writing the report, your audience and how the report will be used. These components are part of the report's rhetorical situation and, according to the Purdue
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How to Write a Biography Report
To write a biography report, research information on the person, organize research with note cards, write an outline, and compile all information into report. Check the Internet for resources used to write a biography report with help from a writing... More »
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