How to Write a Book Report in College?


To write a book repot in college, you have to be a lot more thorough. As high school is strict, college is expects much more. So, you should basically apply all of the same rules.
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1. Take thorough and careful notes as you read the book. (See "How to Take Reading Notes. Use Post-it flags to mark pages that contain important passages or quotes. 2. Gather
1. Make notes of any important points. Read the book, initially for the pleasure, without thinking too much about analyzing it. Write a brief descriptive piece about your impressions
1. On a sheet of paper, write down the answers to the following questions: Who are the main characters? What is the story's setting? What are the conflicts or problems in the story?
1. Choose a book that fits the assignment as well as your interests. You might find a book that talks about Seneca history, religion and tribal locations, or you might look for a
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