How to Write a Book Report in College?


To write a book repot in college, you have to be a lot more thorough. As high school is strict, college is expects much more. So, you should basically apply all of the same rules.
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1. Introduce the author and the title of the book in the first paragraph of your book report. The reader should immediately know which book you read. 2. Summarize the main idea of
1 Set aside a week to read your book. Teachers often give you three or four weeks to fully complete your book report. Set aside a week to read your book. To find the total number
1. When beginning to write a grant report, you want to be crystal clear about the specifics you proposed in the grant proposal and be very familiar with the project funded by that
1. Organize the notes you took during the play. Use this list to brainstorm any other thoughts or questions you had about the play that might be useful as your write the first draft
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