How to Write a Chapter Summary?


It is very easy to write a chapter summary. All you need to do is summarize in your own words what the chapter is about. You can even write it in just a couple of sentences.
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1. Review the chapter. Read it several times to gain a complete and thorough understanding of the author's intent, main idea and ending. Write down notes to make the process easier.
Separate your notes into the small sections of the chapter. For each section write only the main ideas and the key people involved and dates. For example: 12 May 1947 - The cartoon
Your best bet is to obtain a copy of the Cliff Notes that cover this excellent book. Another Great website for book summary's and analysis is Spark Notes. The summary's are better
1. Understand that an executive summary is a short summary of a business document. "Short" and "summary" are key words here. The executive summary is not going
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