How do you write a child support agreement letter?


To write a child support agreement letter, you should sit down with your lawyer and your ex and determine what both of you want. Then, begin by opening the letter with a list of agreements to be held to. Finish with the indication that you expect all parties to follow the guidelines to the letter.
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1. Research your state's requirements. Each state's laws vary, and each state has its own set of legal forms for requesting a change in child support. Some forms are called a "
The question is somewhat confusing as to what sort of information is being sought. The method for obtaining child support is, the custodial parent or legal guardian files a petition
1 Think about what you want to tell the child. You may want to explain why you wanted to write the letter, you may want to describe circumstances or events that are happening as you
I am a little confused you are stating you are a single parent of two and then you say the father of my child. I do not no what you mean by your denied it the first time. Is there
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