How do you write a child support agreement letter?


To write a child support agreement letter, you should sit down with your lawyer and your ex and determine what both of you want. Then, begin by opening the letter with a list of agreements to be held to. Finish with the indication that you expect all parties to follow the guidelines to the letter.
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You can write your own letter of agreement for just about anything. Write or type it up, and have yourself and the other party head to a notary to have it notarized. Here is a link
If you are not court ordered to pay child support and you do voluntarily, the parent with custody of the child must write a letter verifying that you pay child support on your own
1. Address the letter to the judge who will be handling your child-support case. This is usually the same judge who was appointed to your original case. If you aren't sure who the
1. Think about what you want to tell the child. You may want to explain why you wanted to write the letter, you may want to describe circumstances or events that are happening as
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