How to Write a Codicil to a Will?


To write a codicil to a will, you have to find out the problems in the will first. Then, do the changes. Write these changes clearly, so they can be understood easily. Show it to your lawyer to avoid any legal challenges.
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1 Read the original. Identify the problems existing in the will, and you'll know what you will need to put into your codicil in terms of actual content. Ad 2 Include identifying information
Instructions. Draft a republishing clause. For example, "I republish and reaffirm my last will and testament except for the following.". Write the substitution clause. For
Codicil is a fancy name for amendment. It is used to make changes to a will rather than re-write the entire thing. The requirements are normally the same as those of a will when it
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How to Write a Codicil
To write a codicil, which is an amendment to a will, consult family members and an attorney about the changes before adding it to the end of the document. Be as precise as possible when writing a codicil, which usually requires witness signatures as... More »
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You should definitely check your states laws and if there is a specific form you need to fill out or if you can write in your own. If you want to be very sure, consult an attorney and make sure you're doing it right or your codicil will not be valid. You can find more information at
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