How do I write a collection letter?


Writing a Collection Letter is very simple. Write a brief, one page letter that serves as a courteous reminder. State the basic facts about the debt are trying to collect and set a deadline for when expect to be contacted. Send a second letter if do not receive a response by the date specified. Refer to the first letter sent and restate the facts about the account. Again, set a date for response or payment. Increase the starkness of each letter, and send a third letter expressing shock at the lack of response to request for payment. If incomplete payment has been received, note the payment and balance owed. Document the series of letters, and record collection efforts as well as any partial payments. And send a final letter stating efforts and intent to turn the account over to a third party collection agency or attorney. Hand in the account information to a credit office, collection agency or attorney.
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Knowing how to write a collection letter that strikes a tone between serious and personable is a critical skill for an accounts receivable clerk. Asking someone for payment is often
1. Address your collection letter to the exact individual who owes the money. Do not simply address it to a company. If a business that owes the debt, address to the business owner
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Primarily collections departments and collections agencies. Most of these organizations have a series of form letters they send. The bulk of collections is done this way, not requiring
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How to Write a Collection Letter
Writing collection letters to non-paying clients is an inevitable task of every business owner. To increase your odds of getting paid what you’re owed, craft a detailed payment policy in advance of issuing credit and use tact and professionalism... More »
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