How to Write a Congratulations Message?


When you write a congratulations message, it should be heart felt, encouraging and inspiring. It is best to write something you would want to see yourself when reading one yourself. For example: 'I knew you had it in you' 'You can do all things through Christ that strengthens' 'Now that your journey has came to an end, a new one will begin'.
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Writing a congratulations letter is a very simple thing to do. You may want to make sure you show sincerity and allow room for others to sign if it is a group letter. For more information
I suggest keeping it fairly short and straightforward. How about this: Congratulations *your cousin's name* on obtaining American citizenship! I'm so excited for you!
1. Use the blank sheet of paper and pen to brain storm ideas for the content of the note. Consider making a reference to the relationship, a significant shared experience, or comment
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