How to Write a Debate?


A good debate is always good, you hear opposing views on a subject matter to see all different sides of the subject. To write a good debate, find out what, if any, guidelines you need to follow. Pick a subject and do your homework. Write down all the valuable information to show your side of the subject matter in your own words.
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When you are writing a debate, you must write two sides of the story. You must be able to use great details as well in your debate as well which makes things very interesting.
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When writing a debate choose a very interesting and popular topics. But sometimes instructors , teachers or a professors give a specific field topic. But most topics it is related
1. Find a point you can argue for. You don't want to argue for a point that you can't find a lot of support for or a point that's so broad that you'll have a hard time narrowing it
1 Identify the form of debate you are using. Each form has its own organizational structure. You will base your debate outline on that structure. There are two common forms used in
it is only to speak not to write.
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Debate is a class or team in which students stand up in front of a classroom or assembly and debate a given point's pros and cons. To write a debate speech, a ...
Writing a debate paper is easier than you may think. What you are doing is you are basically comparing and contrasting the two main points, and then you are giving ...
Writing a debate question entails more than just writing something down on a piece of paper. A good debate question has certain elements which must be highlighted ...
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