How to Write a Discussion Paper?


When writing a discussion paper you should have your topic and be able to state your finds on the study. You would need to explain the important information on the findings as well as possibly relate to other studies. In ending would need a conclusion to this discussion. You can find more information here:
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1. Research your topic thoroughly. Look up the references and evaluate the methodologies the author uses to form his conclusions. Find additional articles that support and/or refute
Writing a how-to paper demands three things of the writer. First, you must know what you're going to write about. Secondly, you have to have a detailed, step by step break down of
With difficulty! It's something I'm struggling to do at present. Firstly, you know it's not going to be discussed, it's going to be assessed. It will be assessed mainly on the merit
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Discussion papers are documents that are written on a particular topic or area of interest. Their main aim is to create conversation or even debate on the issue ...
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