How to Write a Fairytale?


To write a fairy tale, you first need to decide what will be the lesson of your story before you write it and then create a good character and an evil character. Design a magical object and identify the obstacles your good character is going to face. Finally, write a happy ending because unless it has a happy, ending it won't be a fairytale.
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Happily ever after never sounded so good. All it takes is a little imagination.You need a quiet work space. Look for what inspires you. Imagine how you would wish things to be and summarize them into a story For more information look here: Write a fairy tale;
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1 Figure out what type of fairytale you want to fracture! Snow White? Cinderella? Little Red Riding Hood? The Princess And The Frog? Hansel And Gretel? Whatever, choose a good one
1. Write the fairy tale's title in title case for in-text citing. All of the words should be capitalized except articles (a, "an, "the" short prepositions (in, "
All sorts of people. They have vivid imaginations and are kids at heart.
'Mirror, mirror, on the wall,' said David Cameron. 'Who is the fairest of us all?' The mirror snickered. 'Ed Milliband.' 'No, not fair like that. Fair as in beautiful.' 'Oooh, you're
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