How to Write a Five Senses Poem?


Five sense poem focuses on the five senses that we posses, these are feeling, taste, hearing and smell. Therefore, to write a five sense poem you must follow the steps of the senses which are; I feel, I taste, I hear and I smell.
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1. Decide on a theme for your poem. You might want to make it a piece of descriptive writing, picturing a scene like a quiet beach or a downtown street during a thunderstorm. With
Some seasons come and some seasons go. but there is nothing like the main four seasons. Leaves falling. snow dropping. flowers blooming. and rain falling. those are what I like to
Pick a sport.lets say Basketball. What do you hear? I hear my shoes hitting the court, I hear the ball, I hear the buzz, I hear the fans, etc. You go through the senses using things
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Five sense poem example: Mother (first line write an noun of your choice) Caring and ...
An example of a poem about the five sense organs is 'The Five Senses.' This was written by author Adam Smith. The poem uses simple context to show the functions ...
There a couple of five sense poems available. These poems will discuss the five senses of smell, taste, sound, touch and sight. They may be symbolic or literal ...
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