How to Write a Formal Petition?


A formal petition is a way of getting someone else, usually a company or government, to listen to what you would like to see done. The petition needs to be written in clear, simple language. It should explain the current situation and why it is a problem. It should then go on to provide the suggestions that you want to see implemented. Once the petition is finalized, it is time to share the petition with others and get signatures. Usually the more signatures a petition has, the more weight it can have.
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How to Write a Formal Petition
A petition is a written request for something specific. A petition can range from a request for a change in a law to a proposal for the creation of a law or the addition of a new room on a school. Interested parties draw up and sign petitions, with the... More »
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1. Identify the audience of your petition. Your audience will be the person or other entity that has the power to grant your petition or make the changes necessary to bring about
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A petition is a formal message, in writing, requesting something that is submitted to an authority, or a request to change something, most commonly made to a government ...
A petition refers to a solemn suggestion to a higher authority. It is usually a formal written document that requests for a right or benefit from a person or group ...
In order to write a petition you will want to make sure your wording is concise and clear. You may want to do a little research to see what is needed for the petition ...
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