How do you write a letter from Santa?


To write a letter from Santa, it is a good idea to get someone else to write it so that the child does not recognise your handwriting. You can then slip the letter in your own mailbox with stamps so it appears it has been mailed. Or you can actually mail it to yourself, with no return address, so it arrives to the child.
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1. Gather materials: Tea bag, paper (kind does not matter, regular copy paper works fine, however if your printer only accepts a certain kind use that) any piece of ribbon you have,
1. Discuss with your child the types of gifts that would be reasonable for "Santa" to bring. Steer the child away from items that are not going to appear under the Christmas
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aww that's cute :make it suppperrr corny, that'll be more exciting for the kids : say stuff like. this christmas is going to be great! I already have all the reindeers fed and rudolph
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