How do you write a letter of concern?


The key to writing a letter of concern is to get to the point for your opening sentence with regards to what your concern is. The rest should make up why you have those concerns. Bringing in some legalities about your concern is also good for a concern letter. Try and end the letter with something sweet as far as looking forward to seeing the concerns addressed.
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1. Add your contact information to the top of the follow-up letter. You want the employer to know who you are and how to get in touch with you easily. 2. Address the employer by name
1. Start with a salutation. You should know who are you writing to. Always start with "Dear staff member" Ad. 2. Add an introduction about toilet cleanliness in your first
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A letter of concern is often written to bring attention to a problem or situation about which you may have an uneasy feeling. Be respectful in your tone while being specific with the issues as well as being assertive and persuasive. For more information look here:;
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