How to Write a Letter of Voluntary Demotion?


A Letter of Voluntary Demotion is quite similar to a resignation, but comprises of giving up a position by choice. To write a Letter of Voluntary Demotion keep the font left justified. Begin with the date and address on the left hand corner and make the letter brief and formal. The first paragraph needs to contain a statement highlighting that you are willingly resigning from your post. This needs to be followed by a short reason for the demotion. Sign off by using the words 'sincerely' or 'regards'.
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1. Write your letter in a formal tone, formatting it as a business letter with all of the paragraphs left-justified. It should be short and to the point. Write the date first, and
Gather employee data such as length of employment, title or specific contribution to make the letter as personal as possible. Next, write a letter that is concise but sincere, and
Voluntary demotions. are uncomfortable. Chances are that someone seeking a voluntary demotion has been unhappy for some time. Hopefully such a person has come to the decision to seek
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How to Write a Letter of Voluntary Demotion
A letter of voluntary demotion is much like a letter of resignation because you give up your position by choice -- for example to reduce stress. Make sure you follow company guidelines and address your letter to the proper people according to the chain... More »
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