How to Write a Letter to a Magistrate?


To write a letter to a magistrate, address with his name. Go into the main point that you want to let him know about. Choose words carefully and you must avoid spelling mistakes. Conclude the letter with an appropriate salutation.
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1. Type your address, and skip a space. Type the date and skip another space. Type "The Honorable (Full name) Magistrate Judge, according to Library Online. Then, type the name
Just find their address and write a certified letter.
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When writing a letter to the Magistrate, you will want to explain the reason for your letter in your opening paragraph. If you have any evidence to back your statements up, then please supply that as well.
Writing a letter to a magistrate can be intimidating. You should strive to keep your letter formal and yet still make it easy to read. Start by opening a new document in your word processor and typing your address. You can find more information here:
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