How to Write a Letter to Be Excused from Jury Duty?


To be excused from jury duty, you must first check if you have a legitimate excuse to be excused. For instance, if you are having a medical emergency or if you're a caregiver who can't leave your job, you may write the court and indicate your reason. Enclose medical certificate or other documentations. Keep a copy of your own letter but snail mail and preferably register the one you send to the court.
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1. Contact the jury coordinator. You can do this simply by telephoning the clerk of the court for which you are summoned. The clerk can direct you to the jury coordinator. If this
Courts in the United States convene juries during trials. A jury in court proceedings is composed of several people who deliberate on a specific case. Its members discuss among themselves
Calling the clerk of courts in your area to discuss whether or not your circumstance is a valid one should be your first move when looking to write a jury duty excuse letter. You
In some countries it is illegal to make false representation to avoid jury duty. There are, however legitimate reasons for not attending. Be sure to inform the court well in advance
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